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Best Woman Franchisor 2024


Franchise Awards 2024

The president and managing director of GRAPSA Group was awarded at the AWARDS 2024 of the magazine franchise business for one of the most successful franchises in foreign language education for adults.

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Featured in Franchise Business magazine

In its February 2024 issue, Franchise Business magazine features an interview with GRAPSA Educational Group President and C.E.O. Ms Anna Papadakis, recently awarded as Best Woman Franchisor 2024. 

Our discussion is with Ms Anna Papadakis, President and C.E.O. of the GRAPSA Educational Group, on the occasion of her being awarded as Best Woman Franchisor at the 2024 Franchise Awards. She provides an analysis of the business sector and presents the GRAPSA Group’s development plan. 

How do you assess the dynamics and growth prospects of the sector in which you operate?

We at the GRAPSA Educational Group believe that technology and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), will play a decisive role in foreign-language learning. This is why the foreign-language learning sector is stable and long term in the event that a perceptive and farsighted investor chooses it to launch their own business enterprise, despite all current general geopolitical conditions in our wider regional area and the difficult economic circumstances, featuring prominently in a secure and hopeful future. 

What differentiates you from the competition, and what are the competitive advantages you possess?

The GRAPSA Educational Group – No1 in foreign languages for adults and children – … this year completes 40 years in operation, with its central concept validated. 
  • 40 years confirmation of its superiority in excellent foreign-language teaching 
  • The GRAPSA System has transformed the way languages are taught and developed the "knowhow” for the assimilation of foreign languages by adults.
  • The GRAPSA franchise is expanding with extensive exclusive territories and large educational centers for rapid profitability.
  • The relatively new advantage of the GRAPSA Group is its development of an integrated online-learning system for Greece and the world. 

What are your reasons you chose franchising as your development plan?

To the GRAPSA Group, franchising constitutes an added value to the "GRAPSA-System” innovation in foreign-language teaching to adults and children. Technological development has eliminated distances making it possible to transfer GRAPSA innovation through the method of franchising and to ensure intensive adult learning according to European standards. The operation till now of 22 learning centers throughout Attiki and Patra attests to the Group’s persistence in its development through franchising. 

What do you consider the three most significant advantages of franchising for franchisees?

In our opinion, the three basic advantages franchising offers to franchisees are:
  • Our brand name recognition and our 40 years of experience in operating the GRAPSA Group guarantees the most successful franchise in foreign-language learning. 
  • The successful GRAPSA franchise means small risk – big profit because the exclusive territories are ENORMOUS.
  • The GRAPSA system constitutes its great innovation, with elite teachers, constantly evolving study courses and modern facilities. 

What is your strategy and development plan for 2024?

In 2024, the GRAPSA Group is bringing franchising to the core of its development, with the establishment of new, modern school centers in large areas of Attiki and in other large cities in the rest of Greece. 

Lastly, what do you have to say regarding your distinction at the 2024 FRANCHISE AWARDS, and in regard to your company’s performance in 2023?

Being awarded as BEST WOMAN FRANCHISOR is to me a recognition of my efforts after a difficult personal period, but also a great responsibility and challenge towards the name, history, and prestige of the GRAPSA Educational Group. A pleasure as well as a responsibility, hope and optimism, but also an honorary recognition of women’s entrepreneurship in Greece. 

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