Because it is:

the most PROFITABLE, with the LARGEST AREAS of exclusivity – 300 students per center!
the most RELIABLE, the ONLY franchise with the 100! Guarantee - ZERO royalties for the first 100 students!
the most ADVANCED, with advanced educational technology- Grapsa Virtual Classroom - Grapsa e-Administration Framework
of the HIGHEST QUALITY, awarded! - record success! – with UNIQUE GRAPSA textbooks! – ongoing quality control - with elite teachers!
the most ORGANIZED, with a complete manual set for all work sectors! – a UNIQUE staff training program!
the most SUPPORTIVE, with GRAPSA executives available daily - GRAPSA 360˚ – support in choice of location & layout planning
in ADULTS - since 1984
the most MODERN in teaching methods – STRONG MARKETING!
the most SUCCESSFUL!

GRAPSA continues to create.

It has a PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE because there is VISION, PLANNING & a GOAL!

Since 1984 GRAPSA has been moving in the right direction and provide absolute security in the hands of entrepreneurship.

This is about an instantly recognizable brand name of an EDUCATIONAL GROUP which, throughout all these years, has dared to innovate and evolve providing high-quality education! We are now everywhere. Students from Athens, Attiki, rural areas, Europe trust us and study at GRAPSA.

So the time has come for YOU to invest in innovation in order to have significant financial benefits.

GRAPSA centers are no ordinary foreign-language schools. They are large educational units each with 100s of students. They are No 1 in areas where they operate and they generate profitability and rapid returns. Among the most successful franchises.

This success is not by chance:

The founder & his vision

The Grapsa Educational Group has strong foundations. Its founder, Panagiotis Kentistos, envisioned an educational group based on fundamental values. He believed in the power of quality, of organization, of superiority! He managed to create an excellent educational product and established a brand name recognized throughout Greece and abroad.

The GRAPSA FRANCHISE is reliable and effective:

  • excellent designing
  • easy & effective administration
  • ongoing communication
  • guarantee
  • success

Our history, your guarantee!

Grapsa Educational Group: the FUTURE in foreign-language education!

The Grapsa Educational Group is officially the leader in foreign languages. In 1984, its founder, Panagiotis Kentistos, opened the way for the establishment of an educational group with high-level technical know-how and excellent quality, providing unrivalled services. With decades of experience as a vehicle, the Grapsa Educational Group maintains a leading role in franchising. It has strong foundations as it is based on tried and tested strategy, based on technical know-how with SPECIAL MANUALS covering ALL work sectors.

  • Operation of Center
  • Provided educational materials
  • Registration/Sales
  • Hiring & Human Resource administration
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Business operation & Decision making
  • Leadership & Management Skills

In an age when entrepreneurship faces difficulty, each prospective entrepreneur ought to seriously contemplate their next move. We invest in NEW IDEAS. In businesses that want to remain viable and profitable.

With respect,
Anna Papadakis
President & Managing Director

The most successful Franchise…with evidence!

RELIABILITY: recognized brand name – known for our market dominance – large educational centers.
ORGANIZATION: unique educational philosophy – excellent academic team – elite teachers. Selection and training of personnel by the central administration. Syllabi and tests for all languages by the Sector Managers. Methodology seminars and continuous quality control of lessons.
EASE: small initial capital (from € 35,000). Small operating costs: low rent, flexibly limited staff, no prepaid merchandise or perishable foods, etc.
PROSPERITY – HIGH PROFITABILITY: constantly increasing monthly earnings from the 1st month! Rapid amortization in 12-18 months on average.
SECURITY – PROTECTION: integration into a network with large educational centers (of 300 students) – territorial exclusivity – large areas of licensing rights
RECOGNITION: social and professional QUALITY of LIFE, with free time! No more insecurity and uncertainty!
PEACE OF MIND: there are no risks – payment of tuition fees in cash – reliable prediction of annual cash flow, without stress!
TRUST: continuous ‘live’ support (24/7/365) from the GRAPSA team. High-level consultancy.
PROSPECTS: you belong as an equal member in a successful and continuously expanding group. Collaborative work environment with transparency and integrity.
POWER: we are increasing (2012-19: + 136% network expansion!
CERTAINTY: not affected by the Ministry of Education (unlike secondary level tutoring centers) which can increase college admissions thus causing registration levels to drop.
Model teaching of European languages
Classes for business personnel
Business Terminology courses in 14 fields of expertise
Teacher training courses courses (Methodology)
Our students SAY IT BEST!